BOX presented by Inverted Company

BOX presented by Inverted Company

presented by
Inverted Company

Featuring impressive hand-balancing, playful acrobatics and a mysterious box of tricks, BOX offers a humorous and uplifting tale about sibling connection, competition and compassion.

Based on, in, atop and around a custom-built Cube that expands over the course of the show, BOX explores that special space (sometimes sti ing, often challeng- ing) that siblings share, play, care and grow in.
Negotiating this world, our brother and sister use their imagination, skills and showmanship to vie for the attentions of the audience, only to learn that real success is found somewhat closer to home.

Tamzen Moulding is an experienced circus artist she has been involved in many shows including several commercial roles for adverts and events.

As a performer she has worked for corporate events, as well as Cirque Eloize, Will Tuckett, Batman Live world arena tour, Mini Cooper, Visuals for Muse arena tour, both English National and Royal Opera, and The National Theatre, I have been involved in TV and film shoots being one of the acrobats on Shelock holmes Game Of Shadows, and was also part of the Guinness World Record for aerial silks.

She has worked as assistant director on Illuminations choreographed by Sturan Leslie, Acrobatic consultant to Lynn Page on So you Think You Can Dance. Acrobatic Consultant for The Jungle at The Playhouse Theatre.

Tamzen Founded the company Inverted in 2011. They use acrobatics, hand-balance and dance to create Circus Theatre. Starting with a dance/acrobatic lm, the company have produced several works including Tessarae – an innovative mix of contemporary dance and hand balance performed at Postcards Festival, Jackson’s Lane, and Milton Keynes Festival Fringe. BOX was developed with the support Bedlam Fair, since which it ran at The Lowry in Salford Quays and Motus Dance Festival.