All Our Money presented by Stan’s Cafe

All Our Money presented by Stan’s Cafe

Graeme Braidwood

Each year Birmingham City Council spends £3bn. Where does it all come from and where does it all go? In 50 minutes, using 7,000 golden dominoes, staring a human size bear, this fast and funny theatre show explains it all. A surprise hit in community venues across the city All Our Money arrives at Greenbelt, a must for anyone who ever receives a council tax bill and an entertaining ride for everyone else from 7 years old and up.

Stan’s Cafe an internationally renowned theatre company. They have been devising and touring playful and provocative shows from their Birmingham base since 1991. This is their third visit to Greenbelt following Of All The People In All The World (2009), which represented human population statistics in rice, and The Cardinals (2012), a history of the world from Genesis to Revelation told, without words, by three cardinals using a puppet theatre.

Running time: 60 mins

Devised and performed by:
Aaron Corbett, Shireenah Ingram, Craig Stephens

With text and direction from: James Yarker
Stage Management: Dominic Thompson
Model Maker: Bethany Hardman
Producer: Dominic Thompson assisted by Nick Sweeting
General Manager: Michelle Smith assisted by Lucy Bird

Research for 2023 version by Charlotte Tomlinson, in conjunction with Alice Pugh, Abigail Taylor and Rebecca Riley at City-REDI, University of Birmingham.