6 things for in-betweener-greener-belters

6 things for in-betweener-greener-belters

Not all young people are the same. We get that. Each young person is unique. We love that. Some older teens still really value the support and security that our youth programming and venues provide. While others want the independence and challenge of the wider programme at Greenbelt – especially the Rebel Rouser venue and programme.

The great news is that at Greenbelt, it’s your choice! No one’s going to force you to do what everyone else is doing. It’s entirely up to you what you engage with. Greenbelt really is your oyster. (The only thing you’ll need to look out for is any age restrictions on some of the theatre shows and talks as you do.)

No matter what you’re into, here are just six things to look out for…

1. After hours club nights in the Hot House

Each night in the Hot House after the mainstage headliner on the Glade stage, Greenbelt DJs take to the decks to get the Hot House jumping. Sponsored by our friends at the Pickwell Foundation, the venue’s vision matches theirs – combining care for the planet and its people with a desire to celebrate, dance and party. It’s totally the place to be until the small hours.

2. 24-hour Cafe

For all you festival night owls, the 24-Hour Cafe does exactly what it says on the tin. It stays open 24 hours a day (and night) so you can keep warm and drink hot chocolate right up until the rest of the festival is just getting up. At which point, you might want to grab a few hours’ kip before another festival day. Just know, that – day or night – the 24-Hour Cafe is there for you

3. Cake and Debate

For those who value the support and structure of our youth venues, then The Engine and Den are the places to hang out in. One of the daily highlights is the Cake and Debate session, bringing together a hot topic for discussion with a generous supply of cake. What’s not to love? (We’re surprised that the main programme panels haven’t cottoned on yet, to be honest.)

4. The main programme – music, theatre, talks and debate

Of course, you don’t have to stick to the venues and programming that’s been put together with you older teens mind. The wider programme is yours – great music, comedy, theatre, workshops. Lots of you love our ideas programme in the Pagoda and Treehouse, too. Which we’re really thrilled about. ‘Snowflakes’? No way! We see you. You’re up for the struggle.

5. The Rebel Rouser

After its success last year we’re excited to be collaborating with Mouses again to create a space and a programme that is all about community, creativity, inspiration and inclusion. We know that some of you barely left the Rebel Rouser all weekend last summer. And we’re expecting this year to be no different. If you go down to the woods today, be sure of a big surprise.

6. Just chill and chat

Then there’s the site itself. The beautiful grounds at Boughton. For one weekend in the year, drop your guard and let nature in. You’ll be surprised. Perhaps that’s why all around the festival you’ll find groups of older teens just sitting around, chatting, being – connecting with the good earth and one another. Probably the most profound things you’ll encounter all weekend.

Get your tickets here

And finally, if you haven’t got your ticket yet and you’d like to join us, besides booking directly with us, you could register with a great new scheme for this summer called ‘First Festival’ that our friends at the AIF (Association of Independent Festivals) are running.

This brand new scheme has been set up in the belief that everyone should get the opportunity to attend their first festival by the time they’re 18. But it recognises that hundreds of thousands of young people did not get to their first festival experience because of the closures of Covid.

So, if you turned (or will turn) 18 between September 1st 2019 and 31st August 2023 (and you’re in the UK) then this scheme enables you to apply for a festival ticket for just £18.