10 festival unforgettables (no we’re not talking about the performers)

10 festival unforgettables (no we’re not talking about the performers)

Not long to go now. As you read this, our small army of volunteers are already at Boughton House beginning to build the bones of our festival. So we thought this would be the perfect moment to put together this short list of ten things you really don’t want to forget next week.

1. Your golden ticket
Let’s start with the most important thing of all – your ticket. It’s pretty fundamental, this one (unless you’re planning to buy yours on the gate as you arrive). We will be selling them at the festival, but we’d recommend buying your tickets online in advance to save you time when you arrive.

2. Eye up more sleep
If you’re camping, then an eye mask is a handy, cheap way to get (potentially) an hour or two more sleep. Double your chances of slumber’s sweet embrace by also investing in some squishy ear plugs, just to soften the dawn chorus (or the early riser in the tent next to you with the booming voice).

3. Stop. Hammer time.
Yes, a mallet can be a bit heavy and cumbersome to bring along, but you’ll be the campsite hero if your friends have forgotten theirs. There’s always a chance you can push the pegs in with your foot, but if not, then the only language those tent pegs understand might be crude physical violence.

4. Don’t bottle out
Each year we try to tread a little lighter. Help us get rid of plastic at the festival by bringing your reusable water bottle. We have drinking water points all over the site – all you need to do is fill up your bottle whenever you’re feeling thirsty.

5. Give it some welly
Let’s be honest, with the summer we’ve (not) had so far, you just never know. You can always leave your wellington boots in the car and get them if and when you need them, but we all know the unspoken law of festivals – that by packing them, you’ll be helping to ward off rain.

6. The cream of the crop
You can always tell when someone’s been living outside for four days (and forgot to put any suncream on) by their ‘festival tan’. The sun doesn’t have to have been shining for you to come back pinker than the Barbie world premiere. Avoid looking like you’ve just been slapped by whacking on a light coating of factor 50 every day.

7. All that glitters
Don’t forget to grab something sensational and sparkly if you’re coming out to The Glitter Ball, hosted by the DJs of OUT@Greenbelt and their special guest DJ and drag queen Barbara, on Saturday night in The Hot House. Remember the rule: there is no such thing as too glittery.

8. Shine a light
Every experienced camper knows that arguably the most deadly object in the world is a tent guyrope in the dark. At Boughton we’re blessed with dark skies out in the Northamptonshire countryside, which can turn guyropes into lethal weapons and make your tent that liiiittle bit harder to locate late at night. So whether that torch is on your head (it’s a strong look) or on your phone, don’t be afraid to illuminate before you ambulate.

9. Pillow talk
Is there anything worse than realising you’ve remembered your a) tent b) rollmat c) sleeping bag but forgotten your d) pillow? OK so yes, it’s loo roll. Forgetting loo roll is actually the worst (add it to your packing list right now). But after a day of walking, talking, singing, dancing and so much more, you’ll want to rest that weary head on something soft (we’re talking about pillows again now – we’d only recommend a loo roll for a pillow if things get really desperate). It’s also good for stealing a cheeky kip in the car (or train) on the way back home at the end of the festival.

10. And finally…
The most important thing you can bring to Greenbelt is the easiest to fit in the car. It’s an open mind and an open heart. In our 50th year, why not try something new while you’re here? Listen to someone you’ve not come across before. Dance somewhere unexpected. Make something while you’re here. Sit out and gaze up at the universe. We hope you have The Best Time.

For all your last-minute festival questions, don’t forget to check out our Essential Info page.