A Band Anyone Can Join with Hope & Social

A Band Anyone Can Join with Hope & Social

Hope and Social are a band… but not just a band.

As well as the proper bandy type things like gigging, touring, playing festivals, making and releasing records they also like to involve people in most everything they do. Whether that’s teaching 1,200 people their songs in eight weeks – to play with them on their Tour of Infinite Possibility, embarking a magical mystery open top bus trip with their fans for a secret gig on a beach, or turning their studio into a bistro and conducting a 70-strong wine-bottle orchestra on their records… Hope and Social like to have a lot of fun, and make art in the company of other people.

Oh, and they wear blue jackets and aim to die with their hearts out in bloom.

H&S create events to remember – they really do!

This Greenbelt, they are bringing their “A Band Anyone Can Join” show to the festival. In conjunction with Greenbelters, they’ll be smashing their tunes, instruments and bodies together to create a very different sort of show. A show that’s made in conjunction with the people of the festival, for the people of Greenbelt. Or something. Anyway, be prepared for some serious partying.

Teach 80 people (or more!) how to play and sing their songs in a just a days of workshops?!?!? Impossible, right? Well, nearly. But not quite – for Hope and Social seem unable to lie down and know when they’re beaten!

A Band Anyone Can Join projects across the country have “triumphed, smashing expectations and winning the hearts of thousands”. So successful [*coughs* – read: “lucky”] have Hope & Social been in this that they were invited to play at Leeds Arena at the Opening Ceremony of the Tour de France – a landmark event, broadcast live to millions worldwide on 3rd July, and the biggest in its 111-year history. This summer, they bring the magic of a Band Anyone Can Join to Greenbelt Festival. And we can’t wait.

Welllll, that’s it. We’re all signed up. Applications for Hope and Social’s ABACJ at Greenbelt 2016 are now closed. If you’ve not signed up… sorry… maybe next time. For those who have, we’ll see you at the rehearsals!