You Could Be the Secret Behind our Success…

You Could Be the Secret Behind our Success…

The good news is that Greenbelt is growing again. Ticket sales are strong and we’ve had to find space for extra live-in vehicles. But the challenge with this growth is that we need more people to help make the festival run smoothly – especially stewards who guide our festivalgoers to all the right places.

Could this be you? Or someone you know? Could you become part of the secret behind our success? Go on …

So, what’s in it for you (apart from the coolest hi-vis jacket around, of course)? Well, it’s all laid out on our website here. But here are just some of the intangible benefits that often make volunteering with Greenbelt a life-changing experience.

  • You get to meet lots of people, festivalgoers and the amazing volunteer community you become a part of
  • You’ll see lots of things going on all around the site, maybe even some surprises you would otherwise have missed
  • You won’t get bored, as one shift you might be in the campsites, and the next you might be at Glade mainstage
  • All our volunteers also get to enjoy tea and coffee on tap in their very own Volunteers Lounge

If you’ve already booked a ticket, don’t worry – we can refund you, then come and volunteer! But hurry, you need to apply online by the end of July here.