Wild At Home


What it's all about

As you know, we can’t come together this summer at beautiful Boughton House for our annual shot-in-the-arm of revolution and revelry, dance and devotion, ideas and inspiration, prayer and protest. So we thought… maybe we could come to you?

We’re calling it Wild at Home, and our hope and prayer is that the online content we platform and produce this fallow summer will capture some of that same spirit of hopefulness, acceptance, inclusion, provocation and, yes, love, that so many thousands of us have experienced at the festival over the years. Less locking down, more opening up.

The idea behind fallowing, after all, is to give things a chance to recover, re-imagine, re-group, so that they might come back more fertile and fruitful – greener – than ever. If we can get enough right, our hope would be that this form of Greenbelt would be something we could maintain way into the future – alongside the return of the festival itself next year. To be a way of seeing, living and believing that is far more present to far more people, far more of the time than our four precious days in the fields.

So, this summer, let’s ‘make life more like Greenbelt’ by gathering around the hashtag #GBWildAtHome. There’s absolutely no obligation but it’s all here when you want it, and you can dip into it once or twice a week, or dive deep down every day.

Let’s see if we can translate the conspiracy of hope we conjure in the fields each August into the digital space; into something that can still bind and connect us, still move and inspire us, to be the change we want to see in the world. To live as generously, creatively, justly and lovingly as we dare in these strange times.


Where to find it

Take it at your own pace or join in every day. Whichever way you decide to be #GBWildAtHome, here’s where you can engage with the content.

Guest blogs & artist profiles
Think pieces written by the people who make Greenbelt what it is. Plus profiles on Greenbelt artists and performers, keeping you inspired and in-the-loop with what they’re up to.
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Archive talks
Dig deep into our free archive of talks recorded at Greenbelt Festivals gone by – right back to 2005.
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Social media
Your one-stop-shop for updates on #GBWildAtHome, including our weekly line-up posted every Monday morning to give you an overview of what’s to come.

From DJs, live performances and mini-conferences, we’ll be growing into live-streaming content across the summer. Join the party and get chatting on our YouTube channel.

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Yes, that’s right – we’re planning a pilot series of eight episodes of our very own homegrown Somewhere To Believe In podcast this summer. We’ll let you know when it launches. We’ve got some great guests lined up.

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