Who’s new on our dream ticket?

Who’s new on our dream ticket?

During the last month we’ve been slowly introducing you to this year’s line-up. Lots of you have got in touch to say how much you’re enjoying the slower approach this year, and the extra time and space to get to find out more about the names. 

(For those of you who’ve told us you miss the usual bigger bang, we’re sorry. We know delayed gratification isn’t your thing. Hang in there. It’ll be time for the Dream On poster before you know it.)

So far we’ve announced activist theatre and world-class circus that (we think) will take your breath away. Singers who want to change the world and activists who do exactly that. We’re inviting poets and painters. Performers and prophets. Take a look at all the announced-so-far names here.

Today we’re drawing back the curtain on this year’s festival a little further. Below you’ll find another five names who are making the pilgrimage to the fields with us this August. All you have to do is make sure you’re coming. And in case you missed the news last week, don’t forget you can now pay in instalments for pre-pitched camping and glamping using our interest-free payment plans.

We’re giving a DAM

This year, more than ever, we’re pulling out all the stops to programme Palestinian artistry that will stop you in your tracks. And for as long as we can remember, this band has been at the top of our wishlist. We’re thrilled to bring the foundational hip-hop trio DAM to the fields to make their Greenbelt debut this summer (and thankful to our friends at Shambala who are sharing them with us over the weekend).

The trail-blazing DAM are musical pioneers, and their sound is still as fresh and urgent as it was in the late 1990s, when they became the first-ever Palestinian hip-hop band. Their sound has been re-imagined and re-energised by the addition of Maysa Daw in 2019, then 27, who grew up listening to DAM’s stories about life under occupation.

Fearless and outspoken, the trio of DAM challenge the patriarchy and conservatism in their culture as much as railing against the Israeli occupationand its oppression of Palestinians (their YouTube includes English subtitles).

In previous years we’ve welcomed Palestinian artists Bashar Murad and 47Soul to the fields (Bashar has actually directed several of DAM’s videos) and DAM are joining the already-announced jazz master Akram Abudulfattah this summer. Join us as we welcome DAM to our conspiracy of hope this summer.


We’re dreaming of electric sheep

Professor Beth Singler is a must-listen commentator on the impending revolution of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on our humanity. Last year, her flight was cancelled and she couldn’t make it to Greenbelt to share her keynote talk, Religion in the Age of AI.

(We were briefly tempted to see if we could get ChatGPT to deliver its own version of her talk in her absence, but instead we thought it would be infinitely better to invite her back to share her thoughts in person.)

Beth’s appearance will be part of a thread of AI programming curated for us by the William Temple Foundation. She is a fascinating thinker on how faith and belief intertwine with our understanding of technology.

An Assistant Professor of Digital Religions at Zurich University, her analysis of the AI-fuelled “dreams and nightmares” of the 40th anniversary of Terminatorfor Radio 4 aired just last week. Just like she promised us last year: she’ll be back.


We’re being brought back to life

It’s been ten years since we welcomed Stornoway to Greenbelt, and very nearly a decade since their last album. That was before the surprise release of 2023’s wondrous Dig The Mountain! and the rebirth of the band, triumphantly re-invigorated by the nature they love.

It gives us real joy to say that Stornoway are coming back to us this year. Born in 2005, the band’s gorgeous blend of soaring harmonies, lush melodies and beautifully-sculpted folk-pop saw them enjoying what they call “a glorious deciduous decade” until they went their separate ways in 2016.

Since then the band has lain dormant (carefully preserved under dust sheets) while its members went their separate ways. Lead singer and songwriter Brian Briggs went back to his conservation roots working in Welsh wetlands (typical pop star) before he found himself writing music again… 

From their splendid isolation and various hideaways the band are now back, having mined the depths of wilderness in their surroundings to discover their heart and art and hope again. Who could fail to love a band that retweets their fans sending them photos of barn owls?

The resulting album is chock-full of wonders. If you enjoyed Sam Lee’s surprise set in the woods last year at Greenbelt, then check out his appearance on the gorgeous, airborne track The Navigator from the new album. It will give you some idea of the open-air treat we’re in for this summer. The only way is, indeed, going to be up. 


We’re Priddy delighted

With the appearance this summer of Katherine Priddy, we think we’ve bagged one of the best and brightest new folk artists around. Now signed to Cooking Vinyl (basically Greenbelt if it was a record label) her brand new album Pendulum Swing is winning rapturous reviews from all quarters

Her debut album, The Eternal Rocks Beneath, was released in 2021 to great acclaim (memorably described as “one of the great contemporary folk debuts of this century”), and singles from it peaked at No.1 in the Official UK Folk Charts. 

Her delicate, distinctive finger-picking style and haunting vocals belie a steely spirit and strength which make her live performances utterly compelling. Her new album explores themes of home, family, love and memory – a perfect fit for our festival.

Having previously supported the likes of The Chieftains, Martin Carthy, Vashti Bunyan and Richard Thompson, Katherine is on tour this spring before playing festivals this summer. Our second stage has grown a reputation for showcasing brilliant singer-songwriters and we think Katherine is straight from that tradition.


We’re bringing battles and blessings

What do you say about Isaac Charles Bortey Borquaye? Better known as Guvna B, this hugely talented rapper, author, broadcaster and West Ham fanfrom London has released ten albums, written several books, presented shows and documentaries on TV and radio and works as a football pundit for Sky Sports News.

He’s no stranger to Greenbelt, and previously we’ve welcomed him to our Glade main stage as the triple MOBO Award-winning performer he is. There is much, much more to the Guvna than that though, and this summer you’ll get to see what we mean. 

We’re renewing our focus on criminal (in)justice at this year’s festival, so this year Guvna B is coming to Greenbelt to talk to us in his role as a long-time advocate for young people caught up in crime and violence. 

But that’s not all. He’s going to guest DJ as part of our late-night dance nights in the Hot House. He’ll also play a central role in our Communion service. Guvna B in full flight. The gospel and grime you already know. Plenty you might not. 

Dig into the 2024 lineup. And buy your tickets for Greenbelt Festival 2024.