Join our small team of dedicated volunteer photographers who capture the essence of Greenbelt Festival in still images over the weekend. These images are used throughout the year on our website, social media and online advertising. You will take direction from Greenbelt staff and the photography team leaders – operating collaboratively with other team members so that designated tasks are completed and required images captured, processed and delivered during and shortly after the Festival weekend.

Skills Required

Evidence of a portfolio of appropriate digital images, technical skills and creative ability to capture, select, edit and deliver high quality images on site.

Access to digital photographic and processing equipment appropriate for the role – this will normally be a laptop.

Possession and understanding of software, hardware and processing to ensure that selected, processed and tagged images are supplied both during and shortly after the Festival. (Where access to editing software is an issue, this will be identified before the festival and the Team Leaders can then advise of appropriate tools to enable a team member to complete the above duties.)

You need to be a good team player with the ability to manage your own time – under time pressures, biscuit constraints and whatever the weather!

A sense of humour and the willingness to learn from and share with other team members is crucial, as well as the ability to cover distances across the site and operate appropriately with Greenbelters, contributors, staff and volunteers where required.

Attribution – as a team and as individuals

While the Photography Team’s imagery forms the bulk of what is used by Greenbelt in both printed and online forms, the Festival cannot guarantee that any individual’s images will be used in promotional or other material during and after the Festival. Credit for individual images  is always given where possible – though not every form of publication allows for this – and an efficient workflow, including a tagging framework agreed before the Festival, makes such attribution more straightforward.