Christian Aid’s Big Brekkie: tuck in, save lives

Christian Aid’s Big Brekkie: tuck in, save lives

A guest blog from main festival partner, Christian Aid …

Come and have breakfast. Find out how this intimate resurrection story is providing inspiration for our Christian Aid Week Big Brekkie fundraiser.

At dawn, after a futile night of fishing, the disciples are heading back to shore. There is a figure on the beach. He looks familiar, but the disciples don’t recognise him.

He tells them to try their nets one more time on the other side of their boats, and they catch a massive haul of fish. Now they recognise the figure is Jesus. Peter jumps out of the boat and wades to the shore. By the time the rest of the men have dragged the fish and their boats onto the beach, Jesus has set a little charcoal fire going and they can already smell the fish cooking.

Come and have breakfast, Jesus says to them.

This is how Jesus chooses to meet with his friends to help them get to grips with the joy and wonder of his resurrection. Death is not the end – it’s a lot to get your head round. Jesus also has some unfinished business with Peter, and wants to talk to him, to put their relationship back on track and equip him for his future ministry. Breakfast has created a perfect backdrop for something truly profound.

At Christian Aid, we’re also promoting breakfast as a simple backdrop for something profound. During Christian Aid Week (14-20 May), churches and community groups throughout the country are inviting their neigbours and friends to come and have breakfast.

It’s an opportunity for churches to offer hospitality to their neighbours and to build relationships over food and a nice cup of tea. It’s a place to share the stories of what Christian Aid is doing to help our global neighbours in some of the world’s poorest countries. And it’s a way to raise money so we can keep doing all we can to end poverty, challenge injustice, and make sure everyone has a safe place to call home.

We’d love to invite you to share breakfast too. Could you invite your community into your church for porridge and pastries during Christian Aid Week? Or share breakfast with family and friends in your home or with your colleagues at work? You can find everything you need to host a Big Brekkie fundraiser here on our website. Over breakfast, you can show love for people living in poverty and suffering injustice around the world.

This year, we are partnering with Christian Aid on their Big Bank Shift campaign – lobbying the four biggest High Street banks to develop plans for disinvesting from fossil fuels and into renewables to play their part – with our cash – in safeguarding a two-degree world.