There is no algorithm for ‘the holy’

There is no algorithm for ‘the holy’

American blogger and writer Rob Bell is back in the UK right now. And here at Greenbelt, we’re thrilled to have worked with him to set up this Holy Shift Tour, his first dates here for almost eight years.

Last night, Rob spoke to a sell-out crowd at London’s Union Chapel. Tonight he’ll be in Cheltenham (the festival’s old stomping ground). After this, he’ll be travelling on to Doncaster, St Helen’s, Dublin, Ipswich, Cardiff, Leicester and Edinburgh.

If you want an evening packed full of laughter, wisdom, insight, provocation and nourishment, you need to be there.

Here’s a couple of the many, many comments we clocked from last night’s opening show:

“It was nothing short of genius…….so glad to have been there. Just what I needed.”

“A cracking evening. Thanks so much! Thought-provoking, soul-warming, funny, challenging awesomeness.”

And here’s what we tweeted ourselves from the show (tricky to tweet from an extended stand-up gig!):

Google has no algorithm for ‘the holy’.

Holy. 1) Fearness: Don’t step into the circle. Give it respect. Dignity. Honour.

Holy 2.) Smallness *gasp*. Accutely aware of your own sense of smallness.

Holy. 3.) Weirdness. Can you hear the trees growing?! No rational explanation. 

You are on Holy Ground

Holy has always has an Ethical Justice element to it

But you really do need to be there to take it all in. There’s nothing like the experience of being in the room. Rob is part stand-up comedian, part old-time preacher. He may only speak outside of trad. church settings now, but his work is still that of a preacher.

Tickets for all the shows are still available – but only online, not on the door.

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