The Fringe at Greenbelt 2024

The Fringe at Greenbelt 2024

We’re excited to be opening up submissions to perform at this summer’s Greenbelt. But this year, we’re doing things a little differently.

We’re creating a brand new Fringe venue stage at this year’s festival for those who are just discovering and beginning their artistic journeys.

Our Fringe stage will be alongside the Village Hall venue (our home for all communal fun from scratch choirs to yoga, bell-ringing to zumba). To programme it, we’re looking for up-and-coming performers – singer-songwriters, bands, poets, jugglers – who could put together 30 to 40 minutes of material to share with an appreciative Greenbelt audience. It’s very much for up-and-coming artists. Perhaps even for those who don’t realise they’re artists quite yet. And perhaps especially those who consider themselves part of or connected to the ‘Greenbelt community’.

We already have our Rebel Rouser stage, curated by the band Mouses and celebrating all things DIY, punk and community in ethos. We already have our second music venue, showcasing stellar acoustic and singers-songwriter music across the weekend. Distinct from both those spaces, the Fringe will be the stage where performance journeys can begin and artists’ dreams can start to take shape.

Think of it like this: The Fringe is the sort of stage Harry Baker would have read his first poems on at Greenbelt, back in the day. And look at him now. 

The Fringe will be run by a team of encouraging and supportive Greenbelters who love music, performance, the festival and its ethos. It will be equipped so that a full band can perform on it – with a stage and PA to make that work.

Bringing The Fringe back fits with our ‘Dream On’ theme for 2024 – it’s giving artists who are just discovering themselves – from within our Greenbelt community and beyond – the chance to take a first step on their performance adventure. Who knows where that journey will take them? Perhaps we’ll see it progress on various Greenbelt stages over the coming years.

How you can apply

Fringe submissions will be open for two months (February and March), closing at Easter. We’ll then look through the applications, letting successful applicants know they’re in by the end of April. All successful applicants will be given their chance to perform and festival tickets for their act.

Apply to be one of our Fringe artists.

For all other would-be Greenbelt artists, speakers and contributors who usually look to apply through submissions each year, find out how to pitch to us here. But please bear in mind we are only looking to fill the last few daytime slots in our second music stage – and so speakers and workshop leaders need not pitch at this time.