Tenx9 storytelling – back at Greenbelt 2018

Tenx9 storytelling – back at Greenbelt 2018

Tenx9 is delighted to be back at Greenbelt for 2018. 

Tenx9 is a storytelling sensation, where 9 people have up to 10 minutes each to tell a true story from their lives. 

For Greenbelt 2018, we’ll have two Tenx9 sessions – late night on Saturday and Sunday. The themes are “Courage” and “Kindness”. So if you have a true story, from your own life, about either Courage or Kindness, get in touch with us. 

No sermonising, no essays, no reflections on the human condition. Just a true story from your own life. We can make the meaning, you just drop us into the drama of the story. So that time when you turned to your Auntie Myrtle in the car when you were driving 70 miles an hour and took a courageous risk — we want to hear about it. 

You can submit ideas online ahead of time here.

Tenx9 was started in 2011 by Pádraig Ó Tuama & Paul Doran and since has spread to 14 different cities around the world. Early on, Tenx9 was supported by a very generous grant from Trust Greenbelt, for which we remain deliciously grateful.