Panel: What did the Imam Say to the Rabbi?


A joint scripture reading hosted by Christian Aid with Lucy Winkett, Rabbi Natan Levy, Harfiyah Haleem. Harfiyah Haleem has been a trustee of the Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences since 2003. She is the editor of a collection of essays by Muslim writers on Islam and the Environment, and has been involved in environmental awareness-raising among Muslim communities in various London boroughs over the past three years. Rabbi Natan Levy is the Jewish university chaplain for the west of England and Wales. He serves as the consultant for social action at the London School of Jewish Studies, and is involved in shaping its Centre for Faith, Citizenship and Community. He also acts as the Chief Rabbi’s liaison on environmental issues. Led by a multi-faith panel, this discussion of climate change will examine religious scriptures from Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Come and join in the discussion as representatives of different faiths draw lessons from their own religious writings.

Greenbelt Talks