What are Evangelicals For?


People should recognise us as good news citizens who are integral to our communities and the public square. Our future as Evangelicals is to be at the heart of spiritual and social transformation for our society – this is our Agenda For Change.

Do you want the good news or the bad news? The bad news is that ‘evangelical’ used to mean good news, but is now taken as a synonym for intolerance. The good news is that we’ve got Joel Edwards, out-going General Director of the Evangelical Alliance, to address the problem of how to straighten out this mixed-up language. Recently appointed a Commissioner on the Equality and Human Rights Commission, a probation officer in Inner London for 14 years, honorary doctor and canon of St Paul’s Cathedral, Joel is a formidable figure in the Christian church in the UK, and precisely the person to address the question ‘what are evangelicals for in 2008?’

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