Treating Islam Fairly


Opinion polls show that the majority of the world’s Muslims hold entirely ‘moderate’ views in relation to violence, democracy and women’s rights, yet hostile media bias means the religion is held in contempt. A lesson in what activists should be doing to counter negative coverage.

We live in a country with free speech. Our leaders sent soldiers to fight in another country. Some of these soldiers died. Maya Anne Evans went to the Cenotaph, the place where our country remembers its fallen soldiers, and read out those names. And for this, she was arrested under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005. If this is what a free democracy looks like, we should all be very worried. Thankfully, we can provide Maya with a free platform from which she can share her experiences of activism, and how we can treat Muslims – the majority of whom hold perfectly moderate views – fairly.

Greenbelt Talks