Panel: Time to boycott Israeli goods?


Can the pound in your pocket deliver a just peace for the Holy Land? From apartheid South Africa to multinational chocolate companies, boycotts have long focused the world’s consumers on injustice. So is it time to boycott Israeli goods? If we don’t squeeze a jaffa, would it help end the occupation? Or are boycotts counter-productive? Can our economic power get the State of Israel, as Zoughbi Zoughbi puts it, “to their senses and not to their knees”. Panelists include Jane Clements, Sami Awad, Nigel Varndell, Steve Hucklesby and Abe Hayeem. Chaired by Martin Evans.

Martin Evans has been vice chair and general manager of Greenbelt. He has been director of two national charities and executive director of a health authority.

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