The triumph of the human spirit over brutality – 15 years on Robin Island with nelson Mandela


15 years on Robben Island with Nelson Mandela – the story of South African activist Eddie Daniels.

Eddie Daniels was born into a poor, loving, loyal family in a township in Cape Town, S.Africa in 1928. He was a founding member in 1961 of the African Resistance Movement which was an illegal organisation that committed acts of sabotage against the apartheid government. He was arrested in 1964, faced the death penalty for sabotage but was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment on Robben Island alongside Nelson Mandela. Whilst in prison he studied and gained his Matric, a BA and B.Comm Degrees. Released in 1979 he was subjected to three five year banning orders including house arrest. He joined the African National Congress. Against the prevailing racial laws of S.Africa and at the age of 55 he married a white woman choosing to comply with God’s laws rather than the racial laws. On 29th July 1990 when the racial laws governing South Africa were expunged they married again and this marriage was recognised by Church and State.

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