The love of our times


Alastair’s third talk explores war and climate change as Jeremiads of our times. How can we deepen empathy and seek transformation of the human condition?

Sometime in the future, someone will write a history of our fair islands. In it, the name Alastair McIntosh will be given special mention. Here is a man who coordinated the campaign to wrestle control of the Isle of Lewis away from its feudal landlords to give power back to the people, before going on to prevent a company turning the Isle of Harris into the largest open-cast mine in Europe. A poet, singer, trickster and theologian his latest book Hell or High Water takes the imperative to act on climate change to a deeper, richer level, while his current work with young people on the estates of Govan – using ancient crafts to reconnect them with the land – keeps his high ideas rooted firmly in reality. A unique spirit not to be missed.

Alastair McIntosh