Panel: Resist to Exist


There is a long history of citizens resisting injustice by withdrawing aspects of their legal cooperation with the State. This panel debates the ethics of civil disobedience and asks: is it ever OK to break the law if the law is meant to protect and defend our rights? From the Palestinians of Beit Sahour withholding their taxes during the first intifada to Extinction Rebellion blocking London bridges today, what are the rights and wrongs of being civilly disobedient?

With Skeena Rathor (Co-ordinator of XRs Vision Sensing Team and member of XRs Political Circle), The Fracking Nanas, The Bishop of Chelmsford, Stephen Cottrell (who spoke on behalf of the Stansted 15 in court), Ruth Jarman (Christian Climate Action), and chaired by Greenbelt trustee Rhian Roberts

  • Extinction Rebellion
  • The Anti Fracking Nanas
  • Bishop Stephen Cottrell