Rediscovering Christian Faith as a Way of Life


Rediscovering Christian faith as a way of life In the hands of institutions, the way of Jesus becomes a list of rules or a system of beliefs instead of the vibrant and world transforming way of life it was intended to be. How can we recover faith as a way? How would our churches be transformed by training people in a way of life?

Brian D. McLaren When Time Magazine write someone up as one of the 25 most influential evangelicals in the US, then it’s definitely time to take note. When that same person is also a musician, a song-writer and an English graduate with a special interest in romantic poetry and medieval drama, then it’s beyond note-taking time, and well into careful listening. Brian McLaren is one of the key thinkers in what has become known as the Emerging Church, but his thoughts and writings are resonant of ancient ways, and his insights applicable across the spectrum of faith. Deeply rooted, deeply relevant, this is a voice to savour.

Brian McLaren