Reclaim the Spaces: rediscovering and enjoying wasted land


This summer Nicky Getgood staged a series of Reclaim The Spaces guerilla picnics in Digbeth to rediscover and enjoy some of its many wasted spaces and help local people get beyond feeling powerless over large chunks of land left to rot by those who should care for them – and fenced off to everyone else. Nicky talks about what led her to this form of protest and shares her experience.

Nicky Getgood is communications manager at Talk About Local and author of Birmingham blog Digbeth is Good. At Talk About Local she enables people to find a powerful voice online for their community. Through blogging and involvement with networks such as the Hyperlocal Alliance and gaming collective BARG, Nicky has become increasingly interested in ways of using digital media to play with places and tell their stories.

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