Re-imagining finance: What Role Does Religion Have in Finance?


These daily sessions explore our relationship with money – how we can use it for good, how it connects with our faith and how it points towards the future. In each session, an expert panel will start the conversation before opening it to the floor for you to join in.

For most of us, the relationship between our money and our faith is not one an easy one to square. But that’s not always been the case, and looking back in time might help us with today’s issues. In recent years, Islam has evolved a really strong identity in the financial marketplace, perhaps offering a new way for those of all faiths to reimagine their relationships with money.

With: Stuart Hutton and special guests Shakeeb Saqlain (, Sofeena Lalani (British Red Cross) and Ma’asoom Ahmed Mahmood (Ansar Trust)

Stuart Hutton