Punk with Dream Nails


Please note, this recording contains language that some people may find offensive.

On the podcast this week Katherine and Paul welcome Mimi and Lucy from “queer, feminist, punk-witch band” Dream Nails.

We discuss what it means to be punk – in the cliched sense but also in the Dream Nails sense, which includes: writing badass music, creating safe gig spaces where everyone can dance without fear, shouting ‘women and non-binary people to the front’ at the start of every show and placing hexes on the patriarchy; all done with an immense amount of joy.

Describing themselves as ‘four punk witches from London’, we take the opportunity to summon an old Greenbelt tale about the year “the white witch” came to the field and the subsequent fallout. (Spoiler alert: some people weren’t that happy about it.) 

Plus, inspired by Dream Nails’ ‘Gig In a Box’ (complete with a handmade sticky floor tile so you can recreate that small-venue experience at home), Katherine and Paul wonder what a ‘Greenbelt In a Box’ might look like.

Links, resources and episode timestamps (for all you skippers out there) below.

Dream Nails are a punk force to be reckoned with. Founded by feminist activists in 2015, their debut album garnered 4/5 stars from NME, DIY and Kerrang!

The female four-piece have built a reputation across the UK, Europe and Scandinavia for their ‘fierce talent and furious energy’ (Guardian). Dream Nails have taken their riotous live shows on tour with Cherry Glazerr, Bleached and Petrol Girls. In 2019 they headlined Glastonbury’s Sisterhood stage for the third consecutive time.

Dream Nails are PRS foundation and PPL Momentum 2020 artists. Having won support from Steve Lamacq, Tom Robinson and Amy Lame (BBC6), Huw Stephens and Jack Saunders (Radio 1), John Kennedy (XFM), and glowing coverage in Billboard, DIY, Upset, Independent, Guardian, VICE, Dazed, NYLON, Clash, i-D, The Skinny and Frieze, Dream Nails’ energy and youthful power promise to set your soul on fire.



Payback (25:55)
DIY by Dream Nails (30:22)
Vagina Police by Dream Nails (46:24)
Big Dyke Energy by Dream Nails (55:57)

Podcast theme – I Can Change by Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires


Dream Nails

Feministmas & Gig In a Box

COVID-19: Shops to open 24 hours a day to boost high street pandemic recovery

Poverty in the Pandemic: the Impact of Coronavirus on Low-income Families and Children

Good Night Out

Riot Grrrl movement

Sisters Uncut

Hex the Patriarchy patch

Abortion Support Network

Lonely Star (Christmas Song) by Dream Nails

2young4punks – Don Letts at Greenbelt Festival 2011

Greenbelt at 40 (featuring the year of the witch and the willies)



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00:00 – Welcome to Somewhere To Believe In
00:20 – Katherine and Paul catch up
09:38 – Introducing Dream Nails and their work
10:48 – Dream Nails join the conversation
11:50 – Dream Nails on releasing their debut album during lockdown
13:54 – Dream Nails on not being able to play live
15:52 – Dream Nails on community
17:36 – Dream Nails on ‘women and non-binary people to the front’
24:07 – Dream Nails on activism and resilience
25:28 – ‘Payback’ by Dream Nails
26:26 – Dream Nails on their music
29:50 – Dream Nails on affirmations
30:22 – ‘DIY’ by Dream Nails
30:55 – Dream Nails on pushback
33:35 – Dream Nails on punk
36:29 – Dream Nails on self-care
39:32 – Dream Nails on witches
45:51 – Dream Nails on Greenbelt Festival
46:24 – ‘Vagina Police’ by Dream Nails
49:08 – Dream Nails on Abortion Support Network
52:47 – Dream Nails on Trump
55:57 – ‘Big Dyke Energy’ by Dream Nails
56:40 – Dream Nails on what’s coming up
59:13 – Katherine and Paul reflect on the conversation with Dream Nails
01:15:45 – Coming up next week
01:16:30 – How to get in touch with us
01:17:18 – Thank you’s
01:17:58 – Hidden track

A huge thanks to the Greenbelt Volunteer Talks Team for all their hard work on editing this episode. Our podcast music is ‘I Can Change’ by Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires.