Planet Narnia and the Narnia code


Did C. S. Lewis secretly construct the Chronicles of Narnia out of the imagery associated with the seven heavens of the medieval cosmos?

The world of Narnia has long attracted those looking for deeper meaning in C.S. Lewis’ work, but never before has such a coherent framework been constructed in such depth around these seven famous Chronicles. This codebreaker is no crazed symbologist out of the pages of Dan Brown (though he did hand a pair of x-ray specs to Bond in The World is Not Enough!), but Anglican vicar and chaplain of St Peter’s College, Oxford Dr Michael Ward. Taking degrees in English and Theology from Oxford and Cambridge respectively, and having spent four years as warden of Lewis’ Oxford home, he was perfectly placed to uncover the medieval cosmology that imbues the Narnia books and reveal Lewis as a far subtler writer and thinker than has previously been recognised.

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