Peace in the Middle East and International Civil Society


In Arial Sharon’s view, the reoccupation of the West Bank signals the defeat of Palestinian aspirations for independence. Only a few things stand in his way – the Palestinianians, dissenting Israelis and you. What (non violent) weapons do we have at our disposal? On what basis do we have the right to intervene? And what are the implications for a just world, based on human rights, if we fail this test?

Jeff Halper, the Coordinator of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD), is an anthropologist and veteran Israeli peace activist. He has worked as community worker in the poor neighborhoods of Jerusalem and has taught at Hebrew, Haifa, Ben Gurion universities, serving as the Global Director of Friends World College. Jeff has been involved in the Israeli peace movement for many years, the last six as a founder and coordinator of ICAHD. He has written books on the Jewish community of Jerusalem in the nineteenth century, on contemporary Israeli culture and on current political themes.

Jeff Halper