Let’s All Tickle In Public


Cookson and Henderson, with their poetic Gang Show, see how many of you they can cram under the canvas before the fire officer complains. Like all the great double acts – Eric and Ernie, Vic and Bob, Duran and Duran, these backstreet bards keep getting better, and unlike Nureyev and Fonteyn… you can join in. With new stuff and seasoned standards, you will be thrilled by their verbal dexterity, awed by their dress sense, and amazed by the glam rock ukulele.

Paul Cookson and Stewart Henderson are both working poets. Paul has written over forty collections of children’s poetry, and is Poet in Residence at the National Football Museum. Stewart’s poems have been widely anthologised, he has written songs with Martyn Joseph over the past 18 years, and regularly appears on BBC Radio 4.

Greenbelt Talks