Lasting the distance in short-term culture


Old timers used to think in terms of life commitments. In a postmodern age we may change our jobs a dozen or more times in a lifetime. Most people experience relocation of housing due to career moves, upward mobility, or just for a new experience. Even beliefs no longer seem to be a stable, lifelong experience. How does one find a “still point in a turning world?” Is commitment and endurance relevant now? If so, how do you maintain energy, focus and plain grit in such an unstable world?

John Smith has a radical urban ministry in Australia and is the President of God’s Squad Christian Motorcycle Club which reaches outlaw Bikers. A Human rights activist, he faced execution for defending peasants in the Philippines and is involved with social justice struggle of Australian Aborigines. He is a regular speaker at Greenbelt as he believes art is the nerve end of every culture.

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