Keeping your cool in the eye of the storm


How can you stay in touch with God when criticised or unpopular? Come and find out why the Beatitudes say ‘Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’

sake’. Followed by Q&A.Gene Robinson Beginnings are important. History matters. Born after a prolonged labour to poor share-croppers in Kentucky, the doctor present was so sure this baby would not survive he prepared birth and death certificates. Hoping for a girl his parents had chosen the name Vicky Imogene, and so, paralysed but growing in strength every day, V Gene Robinson was baptised and grew up in a devout background. Now Bishop of New Hampshire his life has continued to be marked by struggle with nature, and those who would want him to be so different. Away from the headlines about his appointment as the first openly gay bishop, he works in AIDS education and was selected to deliver the invocation at the launch event of President Barack Obama’s inaugural weekend.

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