Is tax dodging making poverty history?


Tax dodging is estimated to cost the developing world at least US$160bn a year – that’s almost twice the international aid budget. With 1.6bn people still living in extreme poverty, leading tax campaigners and finance professionals will discuss the role tax could play in eradicating poverty and promoting development.

Daleep Mukarji is the outgoing Director of Christian Aid which he joined over a decade ago. Originally a doctor form Vellore, India where he Christian Aid funded rural community health and development programme, he then moved to become the general secretary of the health agency of the National Christian Council of Churches in India and executive secretary for health, community and justice at the World Council of Churches. He is on the board of Aprodev and the Disasters Emergency Committee, chairs the Methodist Church Guy Chester Centre in London and holds honorary law doctorates (2006, 2009) Daleep was awarded an OBE in 2008 for his dedication to poverty eradication.

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