INTER-ACT: Where video games go next


Games and culture don’t usually mix. But what if they did? We ask Simon Parkin, New Yorker writer and Iain Simons, CEO Nation Videogame Foundation, whether video-games offer more to society than entertainment. Come and discover how games can offer a deep pool of meaning, spirituality, catharsis as well as competitive enjoyment. This is part of the INTERACT spirituality stream at Greenbelt. Come to any session to find out how to get more out of games in your family, church and community.

Andy Robertson is a journalist for national newspapers, specialising in technology (in particular, video games) and families. Simon Parkin is a contributing writer for the New Yorker, a columnist for the Observer and a regular contributor to the Guardian, New Statesman and others. He also wrote the critically acclaimed book, Death by Video Game. Iain Simons is CEO of the National Videogame Foundation, a unique not-for-profit develops the role of videogames in culture and society.

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