INTER-ACT: Loss, Cancer, and Minecraft: A playable poem about saying goodbye


Andy Robertson, Adam Clarke, Victoria BennettJoin Minecraft artist and Stampy collaborator, Adam Clarke, and poet, Victoria Bennett, as they share their unique playable Minecraft poem “My Mother’s House”. It’s a moving poem-world about their personal experience of terminal illness, cancer and death. In a new medium, it explores the memories we carry with us when we say goodbye to those we love. This is part of the INTERACT spirituality stream at Greenbelt. Come to any session to find out how to get more out of games in your family, church and community.

Adam Clarke, is a critically acclaimed Minecraft educator and Stampy collaborator who runs cultural gaming events for museums, festivals and communities. Victoria Bennett lives in Eden, Cumbria, with her husband and young son. She is a full time carer and poet. Winner of the Andrew Waterhouse Award, she has written since childhood.

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