Faith With or Without God – Towards a Heretical Orthodoxy


Faith with/without God: towards a heretical othodoxy Today we witness a passionate debate between those who would claim that Christianity is true and those who would claim that it is not. Pete will show that deeper questions lead us toward an answer that renders the above debate obsolete and radically transforms our understanding of faith.

Peter used to be Christian, an evangelist and a card-carrying charismatic. Now a freelance lecturer in philosophy and sought-after speaker, he is actively committed to becoming Christian. And watching endless re-runs of Columbo. The church needs people like Peter like a wounded person needs a doctor. An expert in lhe areas of postmodern thought, phenomenology and ethics, Peter is helping to create a robust and vital theology to help literally resurrect Christian thought out of its modernist stupor. A founding member of Ikon, a community which describes itself as apocalyptic, heretical, emerging and failing, Peter has set out the first part of a path to recovery in his book ‘How Not To Speak of God’. For all of us who struggle to believe, and those who want to be confident that what they do believe is worth pursuing, we are so fortunate to have Peter back with us to map out the next stage of the journey. Getting right to the heart of the matter, Peter will be examining the debate about whether Christianity is true¬∑ or not, and drawing us to much deeper questions that may well radically transform our understanding of faith.

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