Empire with Danny Dorling


Somewhere To Believe In
A greenbelt podcast

This week Katherine and Paul welcome the incredible social geographer Danny Dorling. Join us as we don our breathing apparatus and dive deep, deep down into all sorts of topics including the British Empire, inequality, brexit and pandemics.

Danny’s huge brain is our guide in contemplating a more honest understanding of Britain’s history and position in the world. He challenges us to confront why we, as a country, often think we’re somehow special and different to other countries. 

When Danny spoke at Greenbelt last year, he spoke about Brexit. We managed to catch up with him in June to talk about all the latest B-word antics, as well as the odds on a second lockdown. Meanwhile Katherine and Paul tackle their own demons as they react to some less-than-positive feedback in which Greenbelt was compared, obviously, to the antichrist.