Empathy with Roman Krznaric


Somewhere To Believe In
A greenbelt podcast

Welcome to Somewhere To Believe In, a brand new podcast from Greenbelt Festival. In our first episode, hosts Katherine and Paul dig into the topic of empathy with philosopher and friend of Greenbelt Festival Roman Krznaric.

We discuss why trying to understand how others see the world could have revolutionary power, and why now, more than ever, empathy is so important. Katherine and Paul also give you some behind the scenes insight into working at Greenbelt and the difficult but necessary decision to cancel this year’s festival.

We recorded this conversation with Roman and finalised this episode before the Government announced its £1.5bn rescue fund for the arts (early in July). So when, in this first episode, we air our worries about the arts being overlooked, we didn’t know this help was soon to come. We welcome it, of course. But we also know that the devil will be in the detail in terms of how this support actually translates across the sector.