Empathy and the revolution of human relationships


What are the benefits of looking at the world from the perspective of others? Roman Krznaric explains why empathy is the ultimate art form for the 21st century.

A writer, teacher, Real Tennis fanatic and furniture maker, Roman Krznaric is The School of Life’s resident expert on empathy. Passionate about the art of living engaging in social change, Roman advises organisations such as Oxfam and the UN on how to develop more empathetic programmes. What he would really love to do is open the world’s first Museum of Empathy, which he describes as ‘an experiential gallery and adventure space open to the public in which you will discover how to see the world from the perspective of others.’ Shamefully, it seems no church has yet managed this, though one can’t help but feel that one should have done. His first time speaking at Greenbelt, this promises to be an utterly fascinating look at one of the central tenets of faith, from a secular perspective.

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