Dignity with Amanda Khozi Mukwashi


Somewhere To Believe In
A greenbelt podcast

Katherine and Paul are joined by the CEO of Christian Aid, and all-round wonder woman, Amanda Khozi Mukwashi.

In an honest, powerful conversation we talk about how Amanda feels (and copes) being confronted daily by the realities of grinding inequality. We learn about the challenges of running a global charity during a pandemic in some of the poorest parts of the world: lots of us have had it tough during lockdown, but at least we’ve had power and running water. 

Amanda tells us about Christian Aid’s continued work to safeguard the dignity of people around the world, as well as reflecting on the government’s recent decision to scrap the Department for International Development.

We also talk about the power of music and faith, and particularly Amanda’s deep love of gospel. We’d also really urge you not to miss the powerful insight from Amanda into her lived experience of what it’s like to deal with everyday racism as a black woman living in the UK.