Creating Sanctuary Space For Gypsies and Travellers


Please note, this recording contains issues that some people may find distressing or not suitable for younger listeners.

Jonathan Herbert and Billy Welch outline how the criminalisation of trespass that is part of the new Police Bill is part of a larger picture of racism against Travellers. They introduce a creative and compassionate way for Churches to challenge this by providing short-term, safe places for homeless Travellers under a visionary new initiative called ‘Sanctuary Space’.

After boxer Tyson Fury, Billy Welch is the best-known Traveller in Britain, as he organises the Appleby Horse Fair. As a Romany Gypsy, his way of life is threatened by this new legislation.

Jonathan Herbert is a Chaplain to Gypsies and Travellers, a member of Hilfield Franciscan community, a climate activist, and author of ‘Accompaniment, Community and Nature’.

Jonathan Herbert