Communion: Windrush and Carnival


When the “Windrush generation” arrived in the UK in 1948 they found themselves excluded from much of the social and economic life of Britain. Many experienced horrific racial violence and injustice. They exposed depths of prejudice in British culture including – and perhaps especially – in British churches

Part of their response was to regroup around aspects of Caribbean culture including music, worship and community organising. One aspect of that culture was carnival. Carnival is colour and music, but it is also subversion – an enacted rebellion – shouting in the face of authority, saying loud and clear that there is a place where the sun shines and laughter and justice reign. Without denying the reality of pain, injustice and oppression, carnival paints a picture of another possibility.

Our service is led by sisters and brothers of faith and colour. Like the first disciples of Jesus, huddled in an upper room, looking out at a hostile and hardening culture, we will feel the Wind-rush of God’s multi-coloured Spirit as we imagine and enact another world. We will celebrate carnival.

With music from Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir and contributions and leading from Rev Winnie Varghese, Chine McDonald, Evie Vernon and George Luke.

Come with something really brightly coloured to wave or to wear.

  • Winnie Varghese
  • Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir