Church in the Naughties


Work, Worship and the Sabbath in a 24/7 culture. There is currently much discussion of the shape and organisation of the Church – postevangelical, alternative, emerging, liquid, virtual… What shape should the Church take in 21st century, 24/7 western culture? Should we abandon Sunday worship and traditional formats, or fight to revive them?

Rev’d Dr Maggi Dawn is the Chaplain of King’s College, Cambridge. A former musician and singer, she continues to write and speak on worship and liturgy in the contemporary Church. She has been an active member of three ‘alternative’ projects (Holy Joe’s, Small Voice and Ambient Mass), and also continues to develop liturgy in traditional contexts. Publications include You have to change to stay the same in The Postevangelical Debate (with Graham Cray et al) SPCK 1997; I am the Truth in Anglicanism – the answer to modernity? (eds. Dormor, Caddick, MacDonald) Continuum, 2003; The Art of Liturgy in The Rite Stuff (ed. Pete Ward) BRF, 2003 (forthcoming). She is currently working on a new book on contemporary worship.

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