Can you be British and a Muslim


From Sharia law to extremism, British Muslims have often had a bad press, with questions being asked about whether they can ever be loyal citizens. Hear from Dilwar Hussein what British Muslims actually think about identity, loyalty and plurality in British society.

Dilwar Hussein Is it even possible to be both truly British, and truly Muslim? Without doubt one of the key questions that people of all faith and none should be asking, there is perhaps no one better placed to fund our answers than Dilwar Hussein. Head of the Policy Research Centre based at the Islamic Foundation in Leicestershire, he also worked on the Preventing Extremism Together workgroups set up by the Home Office after the July 7th bombings in London in 2005. A Commissioner to the Commission for Racial Equality, he served on the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Commission on Urban Life and Faith and is a Fellow of the Royal Foundation of St. Katharine’s Contextual Theology Centre. ‘Well qualified’ doesn’t even come close, so draw near and listen carefully.

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