Both sides of the wall


Wisam and Fuad talk of the shattering impact of the Separation Wall on both their communities.

You may have seen the wall encircling the Palestinian territories on television, but you probably haven’t seen it in real life. You may even have been one of the brave pilgrims to go to the birthplace of our faith and seen the wall for yourself, but you probably haven’t begun to know the shattering impact that it has had on communities on both sides. This is the spiritual “family homeĀ·. That we are not more concerned about it as a world-wide Church is scandalous.

Putting some of that right are Rev Fuad Dagher, an Israeli_ Arab from Nazareth, musician and passionate advocate for equal rights for his community, and Wisam Salsaa, quite simply the most engaging tour guide you are ever likely to meet. He knows his stuff; his family’s Christian roots go back into the mists of history in a little town they call Bethlehem. All of us of faith need to hear these local stories about our global faith, local stories of an horrific injustice impacting on a problem that, be in no doubt, has global repercussions. And you couldn’t ask for better guides.

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