Beyond the spectacular: exploring the miracle of Christianity


Can the present, future, and even the past be altered by supernatural intervention? Such debates find a happy home in undergraduate philosophy class, but the Christian idea of the miraculous is infinitely more radical and incredible than mere spectacle.

When you’ve written, according to one of the best respected Christians in the US, ‘one of the two or three most rewarding theology books of the past 10 years’, where do you go next? Peter Rollings’ is the narrow way that’s taken him from evangelist to doctor in philosophy on the hard streets of Belfast, where he’s walked with continental philosophers and megachurch pastors, discussing postmodernity, phenomenology and ethics. It’s this road that’s led him on from How (not) to Speak of God to write The Fidelity of Betrayal, which again demands that our beliefs are ruptured, precisely so that we can believe in them afresh. Miraculous and orthodox, heretical and Ikonic, this is edgy theology that is gently taking centre stage..

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