Behind the sofa: when is it OK to scare the kids?


Doctor Who themed, Behind The Sofa explores the question of when is it OK to scare kids with TV? And should we?

Jeff Anderson is a Church of England vicar serving in the north east of England. Before ordination he worked for 2000AD as a comic strip artist. He was the artist on the award winning Lion Graphic Bible.

Martin Day is a novelist, playwright and TV scriptwriter. He’s also one of the writers on the Doctor Who Adventures comic, which makes him the single coolest person at the entire Festival.

Mike Maddox is a playwright, novelist and comics scriptwriter. He wrote the script to The Lion Graphic Bible, which has now been translated into 25 languages.

Jonathan Oliver is the Editorin- Chief of Abaddon Books as well as the Graphic Novels Editor for 2000 AD. He is also a writer and his first novel, Twilight of Kerberos: The Call of Kerberos will be published later this year.

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