Activism with Sarah Corbett


Somewhere To Believe In
A greenbelt podcast

This week we’re talking about activism and kindness with the inspiring activist and creator of the Craftivist Collective, Sarah Corbett. We hear about Sarah’s remarkable journey growing up as the daughter of activists who campaigned for social change around the world, and her subsequent journey into activism as a career.

Sarah’s work challenges traditional ideas of activism as loud and confrontational, as well as what constitutes a campaign ‘win’. Her gentler, more empathetic approach has brought some amazing results. Sarah talks us through some of her success stories as well as about how being kinder to yourself and others is an effective way to change the world.

We also hear from Katherine and Paul about why they’re still not over not being in the fields with thousands of Greenbelters this year, who their dream bookings would be, and what we have planned for our virtual Greenbelt this summer. 

As always, you can find links, resources and episode timestamps (for all you skippers out there) below.

Sarah Corbett