A Takeaway for your heart and mind

A Takeaway for your heart and mind

The Greenbelt TakeAway is the new name for our vibrant exhibitors’ street market.

In the TakeAway you will find a fantastic array of charities and organisations to meet with, learn about and hopefully take something away with you from the festival – to make a difference for The Common Good when you return home.

This is TakeAway for the mind and soul. Lasting food. For The Common Good.*

This year, we are being joined by the following organisations. So, be sure to find some space in your weekend to check them out, and see what YOU can take away.

Action For Children
Amos Trust 
Anglican Religious Communities in England 
Chasing Zero (Pregnancy Twinning) 
Church Mission Society 
Congo Children Trust 
Fare Share 
Fellowship of Reconciliation 
Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue 
Free Tibet 
Green Christian 
Inclusive Church  
Karibuni Children 
Luther King House Educational Trust 
Mission Aviation Fellowship  
National Fostering Agency 
New Internationalist  
Nine Beats  
One Sound  
Open Doors 
Operation Noah 
Outerspace  OneBodyOneFaith 
Peterborough Diocese 
Society of Mary & Martha (Sheldon Centre) 
The Community of Aidan & Hilda 
The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion 

Plus our Greenbelt Associates:

Citizens UK 
Student Christian Movement (SCM) 
Winchester University  

* NB: Takeaway Food WILL be available elsewhere on site ?