How religious – or not – is our future together?

With UK census data showing that increasing numbers of people – especially those under 40 – have no religion, and 20 years on from Alastair Campbell saying, of Tony Blair’s New Labour government administration, that ‘we don’t do God’, how on earth does faith still find itself somehow at the heart of the ways we live together? And, after witnessing the most acutely strange form of established religiosity in the King’s Coronation this year, how realistic is it that religion should continue to play an established and institutional role in our life together? Join Andrew Copson, CEO of Humanists UK, in conversation with Greenbelt trustee and Head of Theos Think Tank Chine McDonald as they debate their contested views about how religious our future might be. Andrew Copson is chief executive of Humanists UK. A prominent speaker and writer, he co-authored (among other titles) The Little Book of Humanist Weddings.