Liz Chapman

Liz Chapman


Liz was born and raised in London, before the back pages of the NME inspired the live music lover to move to Manchester in her late teens. She never looked back.

Liz is the UK Design Director for a major global consultancy that specialises in design solutions that serve the communities they work in. A Chartered Civil Engineer, she specialises in water and environmental improvement programmes and is passionate about helping creative thinkers (from all sections of society) fulfil their potential and help find technical solutions to the major challenges facing our world.

Her interests in water, engineering, regenerating urban environments and wild rural landscapes, combine in her favourite pastime of cycling along the canal networks of the north-west with her partner .

Having first discovered Greenbelt with a group of friends as a teenager, Liz has been a long term part of the volunteer community and is one of the Festival Operations Managers.