New for 2022: Greenbelt Quiet Communion   

New for 2022: Greenbelt Quiet Communion   

Do you find the big festival communion service a bit overwhelming? Do you want to share bread and wine, but can’t quite face the noise and the crowd? We’ve got some good news for you.

Greenbelt Sundays always look a bit different to other days, as the festival comes together to share communion around the main stage. The service is often ‘typically Greenbelt’ – noisy, quirky, inclusive, exciting and challenging.

We love our big communion service, and so do thousands of you who attend every year. But we know that for some people it’s all just a bit… too much.

Not everybody can cope with a family of thousands, and some people feel uncomfortable sitting in a field surrounded by people as far as the eye can see, especially when the music is loud.

So this year we’re making a move to include those who find themselves excluded by the ‘bigness’ of a main stage communion, or challenged by the noise and ‘razzmatazz’ that sometimes surrounds it – with a small, separate, ‘Quiet Communion’.

Our Quiet Communion will be creative and beautiful, but also simple and straightforward, without any unexpected surprises.

We know that most folk will want to go to our main festival communion. In fact, we’re relying on that! The Quiet Communion is for the few for whom the main stage and a big field just doesn’t feel entirely safe or welcoming.

If that’s you, or someone you love, then know you’re welcome to our Quiet Communion. Below are a few important things to know if you’re going to come along.

Who is leading the Quiet Communion?

Our service will be led by Revds Alex and Jo Clare-Young. Alex and Jo are ministers in the United Reformed Church.

What will happen at the Quiet Communion?

There will be a simple service, with some prayers, some gentle music and a communion meal. You will have a sheet with words and instructions to follow. We will give out gluten free bread and grape juice to share as part of that service.

What if I don’t feel comfortable sharing things with people I don’t know?

That’s fine – you are very welcome to bring along some bread and something to drink that you don’t have to share.

Do I need to bring anything else?

You can bring a pen or pencil along with you, as there will be a little activity which you can do while we sit together. You might like to bring something to sit on – this is Greenbelt after all… the ground is hard! Oh, and please bring a cup! That’s really important. Thank you.

What if I don’t like loud music?

Alex will be playing a harp during the service, and there will be some simple chants used as part of the worship. But there’s no loud music involved, you don’t need to worry about that.

Where will the Quiet Communion be?

We will be meeting at the Shelter venue, which is easy to find on your site map and easy to access for anyone with restricted mobility.

What time will the Quiet Communion start?

You can arrive any time you like, but we won’t begin the service until 10.45 so that you can avoid the crowds heading for the main stage.