Listings, planning and surprises – Greenbelt 2019

Listings, planning and surprises – Greenbelt 2019

The sun is out and that’s the way it’s going to stay. The Box Office onsite opens at 10.00am this morning and we’re ready for another bumper weekend of artistry, activism and belief.

Here’s a quick last note from us at Team Greenbelt, especially about The App…

The App data is now fixed and won’t be updated over the weekend. We know it doesn’t contain all the programming that we are offering over the weekend – sorry.

For a whole variety of reasons (which we won’t bore you with here) some of the sessions didn’t pull through from our programming database on a first release. The App itself is still ‘in development’ (we’re one of the first few festivals to be using it) and there were teething issues with it around the timings at a first release that meant that we have had to be very cautious about updating on-the-fly because we didn’t want to jeopardise the integrity of the majority of data that had already been published.

Our apologies to the handful of artists, speakers and workshop leaders whose sessions do not appear in the App. But rest assured, the entire programme is detailed in the printed Guides onsite and there are fuller listings on our lineup pages on the website.

Despite this small number of omissions on the App from a programme that contains approximately 700 programmed sessions across the weekend, we’re really pleased with the user experience and interface on the new App – and we’re delighted to be able to make it available to you absolutely free of charge.

And remember, don’t plan your festival into a pulp. Leave space for serendipity. It’s in the surprises and the wandering, the chatting and the stumbling-upon, that the best festival memories are often made.